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Facebook Bilks Advertisers Out of Tons of Cash, Inflated Video Views Between 150 to 900%

Can’t say we are surprised that FaceBook has been caught once again betraying the trust of their user base.

Big League Politics –  For over a year, Facebook inflated ad-watching metrics by up to 900%. What’s worse is for over a year, the social media giant knew that its average-viewership estimates were wrong, but kept quiet rather than telling their advertising partners, according to new legal filing claims filed on Tuesday in Oakland.

A group of small advertisers suing the social media titan alleged in the filing that Facebook “induced” advertisers to buy video ads on its platform because advertisers believed that Facebook users were actually watching the video ads for a much longer time period than they actually were.

That “unethical, unscrupulous” behavior by Facebook constituted fraud because it was “likely to deceive” advertisers, the filing alleged.

The social network acknowledged it had miscalculated key metrics in 2016, saying it had “recently discovered” it. The firm told some advertisers that it had more than likely overestimated the average time spent watching video ads by 60-80%, but that the issue was only for the course of a month.

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