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Hope Hicks To Become Fox Communications Director

Hope Hicks, who served as President Donald Trump communications director during the presidential campaign and in the White House, has accepted the job of Fox communications director.

The word on the street was that Hicks might be returning to the White House, but it is now confirmed that she will use her talents for media strategy. Hicks will be tasked with maintaining and expanding Fox News’ dominance of the cable television arena, among other responsibilities.

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The New York Times reports:“The reconstituted Fox corporation includes Fox Business, Fox Sports and a national broadcast network. But its central asset is Fox News, the highly profitable cable network with close ties to the Trump administration. The channel’s prime-time stars are relentless boosters of Mr. Trump, and its former co-president, Bill Shine, became Mr. Trump’s deputy chief of staff for communications in July…In the West Wing, Ms. Hicks was seen by many journalists and network executives as a key point of contact, able to channel the thinking of her tempestuous boss and single-handedly wrangle time for interviews with Mr. Trump in the Oval Office.”


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