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‘Shame on the Media’ for ‘Intentionally Covering Up’ Young Black Leadership Summit – Charlie Kirk


Over the weekend President Trump addressed the nation’s largest-ever gathering of young black conservatives. Yet you may not have heard a thing about it from much of the mainstream media. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA is calling them out.


Reported By Alana  | Breitbart News 

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA told Breitbart News on Saturday that the media intentionally avoided covering his organization’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.
“We have the nation’s largest-ever conservative Young Black Leadership Summit,” Kirk told Breitbart News.
“Shame on the media for not making this the highest profile thing that’s happening,” added Kirk. “They are so dishonest. They are intentionally trying to cover this up.”

“For example, some people were covering the president’s speech yesterday. They should’ve said he was also addressing the nation’s largest-ever gathering of young black conservatives … but they were intentionally trying to obfuscate black conservatives at the White House because this is against their agenda.”
“This Young Black Leadership Summit is a threat to the left’s power, and this is a threat to their monopoly on these communities, but we’re challenging that,” said Kirk.

“As the great Andrew Breitbart said, ‘Politics flows downstream from culture,’ and this is a cultural movement, this is a cultural moment, and this is just the beginning of something very special.”
“My favorite moment was when the students were yelling out, ‘Thank you!’ and [the president] says, ‘Thank you.’ It’s amazing that both sides are coming from a position of gratitude. These students came from all across the country, and I was hearing testimonials of students that some had never even been on planes before, let alone go to the White House.”

“The left’s monolith on the black community is coming to a quick end.”





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