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The #WalkAway March on Washington

In light of recent events surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and the questionable tactics employed by the Democrats to derail his confirmation the #WalkAway march on Washington could not come at a better time.

Falling just a week before the midterm elections, The WalkAway March will be an event like no other when patriots from across the political spectrum will descend on the nation’s capital in a show of force in an effort to have their voices heard.

Make no mistake; it will be a motley crew consisting of conservatives, former leftists, classical liberals, freethinkers and everything in between. This collection of people may be one of the most diverse groups ever to hit DC. We’re not just talking about the diversity of culture, backgrounds or political affiliation, but a diversity of thought and ideas.

Headlined by the movement’s founder Brandon Straka, the march’s growing list of guest speakers is shaking out to be a veritable who’s who of red pill conservatism, with names like Dinesh D’Souza, Mason Weaver, and Stacey Dash, to name a few.

The organizers are betting that the march will be a powerful show of unity between former Democrats and current Conservatives at a time in America’s history marred by division and tribalism.

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What’s the takeaway?

The reality is that at the end of the day people and politics are imperfect. Intolerance has become reactionary at this point and has become an impenetrable barrier to productive conversations about our differences in thought or ideology.

As individuals pursue political paths that benefit their natural self-interests signs of partisanship can creep up, it’s how we choose to handle these primal instincts that will define us.

Grassroots movements like #WalkAway should facilitate a conversation that will allow all Americans to look beyond race, religion, and political affiliation and genuinely understand the only way to resolve our differences is through open dialog, intellectual honsty, and moral integrity, not through violence, suppression of free speech or intolerance.

As supporters of the #WalkAway movement, we urge all people to wake up and realize that there are universal values that we believe in and we are obligated as Americans to find this common ground and stand united, anything less, and we have not earned the moniker, The Greatest Nation On Earth, The United States Of America.

It is our hope, that as the #WalkAway movement reaches a crescendo, the march on DC will finally give it the positive exposure and the respect it has earned and deserves.

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We encourage you to head over to the WalkAway March Official WebSite and support this worthy cause.

#WalkAway™ March It’s time for the Silent Majority to become UnSilent.
Join us in DC this October 26-28th.


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Laurie October 6, 2018 at 3:39 am

A female Democrat attorney on FB did a live stream and was so appalled by the way they treated Judge Kavanaugh that she has joined the Republicans! Music to my ears!

Janice October 9, 2018 at 3:31 pm

I can’t make the March but I’m excited about it none the less. When I order from Amazon I will make sure that it goes to the cause. I do have to say this be very careful antiifa thugs will probably show up. I pray they don’t. Good luck..


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