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An0maly Challenges Actorvists To Step Up On Immigration


Poverty? Homelessness Galore? Poop On The Streets? Still Celebs Lobby For Anyone To Come Here. I Know They Have Room!


I agree with the liberal media. Illegals, refugees & homeless people deserve whatever they want. They have less. Liberal celebrities have more! That’s why I started this petition to fill every spare room at all celebrity mansions. You have free space! Just like America. We can let anyone come here. You should let anyone live with you.

There are thousands upon thousands of spare rooms not being used by celebrities. How selfish is that? Don’t be like those racist right-wingers! Open your gates. Open your door. Be the change that you lobby for. Let an illegal, a refugee or a homeless heroin addict of your choice live in one of your spare rooms!


Sign Petition Here: Spare Rooms In Celebrity Mansions



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