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Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes: Caravan Invasion Edition

Those of us paying attention have known for quite a while about the slow-moving human invaders creeping slowly to our southern border.

And what do you know, they are here. Of course, the media continues to tell us not to believe our lying eyes when we see this horde of illegal aliens approaching our border. We’re just supposed to shut up and believe them. Nothing to see here!

The media tried to downplay these invaders, claiming they were all just poor women and children wanting a better life in America. Side note: what kind of mother subjects her children to possible sexual abuse, starvation, little to no shelter, the real threat of being trampled by adults, or being teargassed? But I digress.

Of course, the invaders are NOT mostly women and children. The vast majority of these illegals are military aged men. And as with all illegal aliens, there is no doubt a large number of them are violent criminals. In fact, ICE and Border Patrol have verified at least 500-600 caravan invaders who have criminal records. But the media doesn’t care. I’m sure the media and leftists will soon invite them all to set up shop in their homes tomorrow night! Open borders, right? Good for the but not for me – this is the hypocritical call of the left.

We’ve also heard that these poor people are just trying to seek political asylum in America. This is another fraud. Liberals have sent ACLU and other leftist lawyers to coach these illegal aliens on what to say to make valid asylum claims. This is targeted deception and racketeering. These leftists are suborning perjury and promoting fraudulent testimony so caravan illegals remain in America and get a free ride off the taxpayer.

If these illegals are really seeking asylum because they are in fear of their lives, why didn’t they ask for asylum in the first country they entered– Guatemala or Mexico—which is the law? Because, DUH, it’s not about asylum. It’s about getting to the United States and taking advantage of our welfare state under liberal governors and dumb leftists who feed this frenzy.

But there’s a new sheriff in town. Unlike under past administrations, who all refused to enforce existing immigration laws, President Trump has effectively ended “catch and release” with “catch and keep.” He made it very clear that these invaders would NOT enter the United States, and instead would be sent back or put up in tent cities (shades of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and I love it) until their “asylum” claims are heard. Good news for taxpayers: only about nine percent of all illegal alien asylum claims are granted.

I’m sure you’ll all let them in to your homes, liberals.

Of course, the media and the left have completely lost their minds over the fact that teargas is being used on these illegal alien invaders. This is the least of what they deserve. This horde of illegals are attempting to storm the American border, therefore taking advantage of the American taxpayer and further Balkanizing our population. Anyone notice they went out of their way and are attempting to enter in California, which makes perfect sense if you understand their true motivation – which is to suck off the teat of the taxpayer. I’ll take “What’s a sanctuary state’s function for $500, Alex.”

The media doesn’t like to tell you that Barack Obama’s administration also authorized teargas to be used on invading illegal aliens at the rate of ONCE A MONTH. For many months. Whoopsie. This is clearly the only good thing Mr. Fundamental Transformation ever did.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but if they’re not criminals, why are they throwing rocks at ICE agents and Border Patrol, not to mention our soldiers? By definition that makes them criminals – on top of the fact they’re trying to break into someone else’s country!

The left and the media also said we have nothing to worry about because the caravan will actually never get here, and besides, you’re a racist. Well, here they are. I have no doubt Barbra Streisand who is building a wall around her Malibu mansion will instead welcome in MS-13 gang members into her abode in short order.

Babs: Walls for me but not for thee!

Lastly, anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knows why Democrats want these unwashed, uneducated, Balkanized, soon-to-be leftists flooding into America. They want them here because they think they can be converted into voters. As we know, the left doesn’t care if illegal aliens vote. Fraud is the name of the game.

It’s very easy to get demoralized when you see the absolute lengths to which the left and the media will go to try and convince you you’re not seeing what you’re seeing, you’re a racist, and there’s nothing wrong with illegal immigration.

It’s very demoralizing until you realize that immigration (both illegal and legal) is becoming a major, growing concern for about 80% of Americans. Those of us paying attention have been pissed off about this for 20 years and counting. But now it seems the rest of the country is catching up to our righteous rage.

Democrats are going to do everything they can to try and impeach President Trump before 2020 – but if they don’t succeed, count on clamping down on legal and illegal immigration to be the number one issue which will cause the reelection of Donald Trump. Like in 2016, the left and the media don’t get it.

It would be so nice of the Republican Party would get on board with the rest of Normal America and do what we demand of them.

And what we demand is an end to illegal immigration by any means necessary. Stop the horde, stop the invasion, deport them all, and end this insanity NOW.

Never forget it is the worldwide left who wants to destabilize America. Cretins like George Soros and pro-illegal alien groups like La Raza and Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) and are actively funding this whole scheme.

But again–don’t believe your lying eyes.

Stop the invasion!


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