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For Democrats, Fraud is Always the Name of the Game

The midterm election was over last Tuesday, but not if you’re Democrats. For Democrats, election day never ends. As we have seen in Florida, Georgia, and Arizona, Democrats will do whatever it takes to find as many ballots possible to swing an outcome their way.

On its face, Martha McSally’s loss to true unhinged leftist Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona looks a little more legitimate. However, there are still many questions about provisional ballots being faked and the reality of illegal aliens continuing to vote in elections. In Georgia, Stacy Abrams, who was backed by Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton (and millions of dollars in dark money) is now claiming she lost because there was voter suppression by evil Republicans. She doesn’t say how that happened, she just said she won the election and that’s the way it is. Hillary Clinton and assorted goons are calling for a brand new election–because that’s what Democrats do when they lose.

(Let’s pause for a moment to consider poor Hillary Clinton. This woman inserts herself into everything. She reminds me of the former homecoming queen who still attends her old high school parties and still expects worship. Meanwhile, everyone over at the keg is thinking: “What is HILLARY doing back at OUR parties?” So sad.)

Birds of a feather! Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams

And over in Florida, in the most corrupt counties in the state – Democrat-run Broward County and Palm Beach County — the circus is ongoing. Loser outgoing Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson, who has been in power for approximately 147 years without a single accomplishment except voting with Democrat leadership almost 100% of the time, started with an insurmountable 60,000 vote deficit.

Miraculously, the Broward county elections supervisor Brenda Snipes and her band of merry vote stealers somehow – along with Palm Beach County – got that deficit down to 12,000 votes.

They found boxes of ballots in school closets and a box of provisional ballots in a Democrat activist’s rental car. They supported a Nelson camp losing lawsuit which demanded illegal aliens’ votes be counted. They demanded provisional ballots that were UNSIGNED and UNVERIFIABLE be counted. They denied Republican election observers in the room while they tallied the original count on election night. They refused to turn in their ballot counts on time when all other counties — even counties decimated by Hurricane Michael — were able to do so. These two Democrat-run counties have miraculously produced 48,000 votes for Bill Nelson almost two weeks after Election Day!

Brenda Snipes: Vote early, vote often.

The same can also be said for thoroughly corrupt, under FBI investigation, George Soros-funded Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillam in the Florida governor’s race against Rep. Ron DeSantis.  His battle cry, of course, is that racist Republicans are preventing black people from voting. Except the election was last Tuesday and there have been literally no legitimate claims of voter suppression by any Democrat against any Republican.

Of course, that can’t be said for Philadelphia in 2008 when the Black Panthers armed with billy clubs intimidated voters outside of Philadelphia polling locations. Obama’s incoming Attorney General Eric Holder explained that they were not going to be prosecuting the Black Panthers because it would demean “my people.”

(Fun fact: This cycle, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams had her own Black Panther posse!)

Black Panthers for Stacey Abrams!

Democrats have been cheating since back in the day. Anyone remember Tammany Hall? Look it up. It’s Democrat Corruption 101.  More recently, in 1960, all signs pointed to corrupt Chicago mayor Richard Daley fixing results to put John F. Kennedy over the top in an extremely close race against Richard Nixon. In Minnesota, Republican Sen. Norm Coleman lost his election to perpetual clown and groper Al Franken allegedly because a bunch of ballots were found in the car of – surprise! – a Democrat activist. And who can forget the joke of the Florida recount in 2000 when Democrats kept wanting to count votes for Al Gore until the Supreme Court had to step in and put an end to it.

This is nothing new for Democrats. For them, cheating is a way of life.

Democrats: the more things change, the more they stay the same!

For Democrats, the natural order of the world is for them to be in charge — all the time, everywhere — so whenever an election doesn’t favor them, they immediately shout “fraud” (and, recently added to their Whine Repertoire, “RUSSIA!”). Their willing accomplices is in the leftist media do their bidding. Yet, when actual election meddling is taking place, as in the case of Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida, Democrats don’t care. For them, the end justifies the means. Whatever keeps them in power is what they will do.

If Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott had not immediately stepped and called attention to this election stealing by Democrats, I have no doubt they would’ve already stolen both the elections in Florida and perhaps even in Georgia, where Brian Kamp enjoys a very large margin of victory over Stacy Abrams.

Andrew Gillum, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Bill Nelson

Sen. Sherrod Brown, far leftist hack from Ohio, goes out and gins up the Democrat mom by claiming things like Republicans are trying to suppress the black and Hispanic vote – and somebody must stop them. What exactly does that mean, Senator?

Maxine Waters famously said to harass (violently if necessary) Trump officials and basically any conservative to be found. Eric Holder told his minions to “kick” Republicans when they see them. Democrats (elected, media, or mob) have essentially broadcasted to conservatives they are not welcome anywhere. With their Stormtrooper / Brownshirt wing of their party represented by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and harpies of the Women’s March, Democrats are becoming more radicalized by the day — and they seemingly have no problem with it.

Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together knows by now what an unmitigated disaster the Democrat agenda of high taxes, open borders, amnesty and taxpayer goodies for illegal aliens, socialized medicine, radical left judges, ex-felons voting, legalization of all drugs, abortion until the moment of birth, high regulations, a hostile business climate, insane environmental activism, appeasing Muslim dictators, and all the rest is. Naturally, Democrats are never honest about what they truly believe — because they would never get elected to anything except in deep blue pockets of America. So, they lie.

UGH. Leftist harpy Women’s March sharia law advocate Linda Sarsour with some of her minions

Election fraud by Democrats is nothing new. It is now and forever part and parcel of their dishonest behavior and Machiavellian desire to win at any cost.

If Republicans do not start grasping what they are truly up against – if they allow Donald Trump to be the one and only person who fights back against this onslaught of fraud, we will be overtaken by them.

Conservatism wins every time it’s tried, as the great Rush Limbaugh always reminds us. And it does. But Democrats will stoop to any level to make sure that fraud wins every time it’s tried. Barring that, they are urging their fellow comrades to move to red states in order to turn them blue. This is now a legitimate tactic by leftists to ruin Republican states and turn them into the hellholes they escaped.

These leftists are SERIOUS.
Way to be a 100% cliche, honey.









If the Florida senate and governor’s races are stolen from Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, will our side even put up a fight? We know the left would. It’s time for us to fight back and #StopTheSteal.





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This was a shitload of fun.

Denis Ian November 18, 2018 at 8:32 pm

Yikes … you’re a real person, too! Love how you got fired. Me? … I just quit.


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