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 Good News/Bad News: Nancy Pelosi Will Be Speaker of the House

We learned many things about Democrats this week. They are increasingly radical, superficial, believe in fairytales, and cling to platitudes and empty promises. We also learned, yet again, that Democrats will do anything to win—and as are in the cases of Florida and Arizona, the cheating is ongoing.

We finally have a fighter in the White House. We must NOT let Democrats steal another election.

I woke up this Wednesday with a sick feeling in my stomach. Yes, Republicans gained seats in the Senate and that is a beautiful thing. President Trump’s strategy of racking up Senate wins was a genius chess move. And certainly, statewide races are far more reflective of the support President Trump enjoys than individual district House races.

But let’s not kid ourselves. There wasa blue shift in the House. They picked up 34 seats. Not a wave—not even close. But suburban swamp dwellers and elites – not to mention people suckered by Democrats’ lies about the healthcare system they ruined — turned this election for Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives.

And what will that mean for the Trump agenda? Well, we know Democrats promise endless investigations on the fake Russian collusion hoax. We know funding for the border wall will never happen. We know they will attempt to impeach both President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh (even though they denied they would do either during the campaign). We know Democrats want to raise – not lower – taxes. So, on the Trump agenda moving forward, your guess is as good as mine.

But I am a “glass half full” kind of girl. So, while I mourn Kris Kobach’s inexplicable lost in the Kansas governor’s race, and the defeat of patriots Rep. Dave Brat and Rep. Pete Sessions — among many others — I have to console myself with this: the Democrat party that has now taken over in America looks nothing like the Democrat party of 30 years ago. They have devolved into far-left lunatics. Far- left progressive. And as we know, “progressive” actually means “regressive.”

Democrats cozy up to MS13 over American citizens.

We’re going to have brainless, millennial twits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spouting off about Medicare for all and climate change. Nancy Pelosi will tell us how racist we all are because we don’t want illegal aliens invading our country and turning the rest of the United States into the hellhole California has become. Every Democrat will be portrayed as a conquering hero, no matter how ignorant or farcical they are.

I’m not going sit here for the next two years and be called a racist because I don’t want my country importing the Third World into America to immediately start suckling the taxpayer teat while the elites sip champagne in their mansions and the rest of America struggles. I’m not going to sit here and watch them dismantle America so they can retain power. No. The days of conservatives not figuratively punching back are over.

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So: good news, bad news.

The good news is the American people will soon be reminded again at how radical the Democrat to-do list has become. Socialism, single-payer, government-run healthcare (which ultimately equals no healthcare at all), across-the-board tax increases, burdensome regulations, the continuing belief in the hoax of manmade climate change, promotion of sanctuary states and cities, taxpayer money for illegals, the continuation of the fraud of birthright citizenship and anchor babies, submission to Muslim dictators, denigration of Israel, the booing of God during their conventions, a radical abortion and LGBTXYZ agenda — that’s what we’re in store for here.


Of course, the bad news is, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her ilk will attempt do all those things listed above. Even though America will get a front row seat to their madness, we still will have to undergo the nightmare. They will not be able to truly advance their agenda because the Senate and President Trump will stand in their way – but by God, they’ll try.

They will endlessly investigate the president, and unless the he immediately declassifies all the documents related to the fake Trump-Russia collusion lie, will never get the answers we so desperately want. And unlike Republicans, Democrats will have the media to do their bidding and their dirty work. It’s going to be night upon night of fake news scandals regarding Donald Trump. In the meantime, the American people suffer.

President Trump will attempt to work with Democrats on things they can agree on. Infrastructure and the opioid crisis are good starting points. He could work with them on immigration reform. For example, they get DACA amnesty for children only if he gets the border wall, an end to birthright citizenship for children of illegals, an end to chain migration, a merit-based immigration system, and an end to taxpayer benefits for illegals. (A girl can dream.)

More undocumented Democrats!

Democrats won the House by lying to America about healthcare and on their raw, unending hatred of President Trump.  Think of it – they won on hatred and healthcare! These people are the ones who shoved Obamacare down our throats. That action single-handedly destroyed the best healthcare system in the world! They lied about Republicans wanting to strip coverage from people with pre-existing conditions. Republicans, who ran on repealing and replacing Obamacare for four years, did nothing when they had the power to do so. This should be a damn wake up call to them. Be like Donald Trump. Do what you promised.

The president needs troops on the battlefield with him. He can’t do it all himself. Now is not the time to surrender or accept the downward spiral our country will take it if Democrats completely regain power again.

No. We hunker down, we double down, and we fight.

And hopefully now the Republicans get the message that when they say they’re going to do something, they damn sure better.

Otherwise, in the next election, it’ll be their turn to cry.

Brandon Straka, the former liberal founder of the viral #WalkAway movement


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