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The Daily Caller – Jerome Corsi, a right-wing author and associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone’s, said Monday that he will reject a plea offer from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office in the Russia probe.

Corsi told One America News Network (OANN) and NBC News that he will reject the offer to plead guilty to perjury regarding his testimony about WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

“The Mueller team offered me a plea bargain … it does not mean I’ve agreed. From what they’ve offered, I can tell you it’s unacceptable,” Corsi told OANN. “I will not sign a statement in front of a federal judge that says that I intentionally and willfully lied to the special counselor, because I did not.”

“They wanted me to testify that … I was the conduit to WikiLeaks and Assange for Roger Stone, who in turn had a conduit to the campaign,” he continued. “And it just isn’t so.”

Corsi, who testified before a federal grand jury on Sept. 21 and on Nov. 9, revealed to reporters on Friday that he was in plea discussions with the special counsel’s office. On Nov. 12, Corsi announced that he expected to be indicted, though he denied any wrongdoing at the time and claimed he was the victim of a “perjury trap” by investigators. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Jerome Corsi Reveals Why He’s In Mueller’s Crosshairs)

Corsi tweeted on Sunday night that “I continue to support Donald Trump and I did not lie to Mueller’s inquisition.”

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