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#LEXIT – The Beginning Of The Latino Awakening


The exit from the Democrat Party is an ongoing trend that shows no signs of letting up.
It all started with Brandon Straka and the #WalkAway Campaign and March on D.C.
Then Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, and Brandon Tatum brought us #YBLS and #BLEXIT.
Now three young Latino men have formed #LEXIT. The Latino exit from the Left.
On November 1st Eddie Garcia, Jesse Holguin, and David Rubio Basulto formed #LEXIT to motivate Latinos to exit the Left and the policies that have failed their communities.
Eddie told Red Pill Pundit this morning “We are encouraging Latinos to move to conservatism because it is more in line with their core values.”






This is a developing story and will be updated regularly.


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