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Real Hope and Change Is Coming Under President Donald Trump, Not Obama


“Remember, it was President Barack Obama who campaigned on hope and change. The real hope and change is coming under President Trump and those Republicans who have worked hard to basically push forward his agenda. I really believe that we’re moving in the right direction.”
-Mercedes Schlapp | White House Director of Strategic Communications



Reported By Michelle Moons White House Correspondent | Breitbart News

White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp declared on Breitbart News Saturday that while then-candidate Barack Obama promised hope and change, real hope and change has come under President Donald Trump.

Schlapp joined host Matt Boyle on Saturday’s SiriusXM Patriot broadcast. She remarked how strong the American economy is despite predictions of jobs losses due to the recent hurricane in Florida. She called it a historic moment for not only unemployment, but also labor participation.

She pointed also to President Trump’s renegotiation of international trade deals for the benefit of the American worker.
“What the Democrats want to see is just simply tax increases,” said Schlapp. “They want to take more money out of your pocket.”

Asked about the massive migrant caravan headed north from Central America to the U.S. southern border, Schlapp said the true fix needs to be legislative. “The reality is that there’s this loophole – it’s called catch and release,” she said, describing the court-defined practice of catching foreign nationals illegally entering the United States and then releasing them back into the U.S. interior. She pointed out that Border Patrol agents are denied the authority to detain and remove individuals from non-contiguous countries like those in Central America.


Breitbart News Saturday SiriusXM Patriot Broadcast


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