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The Latest On Florida Election Irregularities #StopTheSteal


Broward County Police removed Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) from filming county officials secretly moving boxes in and out of Broward County election offices.

JoAnn Knox said that as she was leaving, two women carrying a box marked “provisional ballots,” said “the truck left these out there.”

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Brenda Snipes and Susan Bucher have broken the law. They continue to break the law. Governor Scott continues to lose his lead in chunks. Yet he refuses to call in US Marshals.

Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp tweeted that there is an affidavit from a Florida campaign worker who states that he/she saw Broward County Elections staff filling out blank ballots!

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James37015 November 13, 2018 at 7:14 am

If there is 1 fraudulent vote then there IS fraud. And any judge or Joe Blow that say there isn’t any fraud is lying. Its the integrity of the vote thats fraudulent not the counting. The machines can count them but its where that vote came from is where the fraud is perpetrated. Time for Voter ID. Strip,chip and photo. Ever hear of 2 people having the same medicaid card or ebt card or bank card?


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