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Trump Rally in Montana: ‘Lines and Crowds Far Bigger’ Than Barack Obama’s Ever Were


After Friday’s huge rally in Indianapolis, President Trump arrives for another MAGA Rally on Saturday in Belgrade, Montana. The turn out has been nothing short of incredible across the country.




Reported earlier by Polizette Staff | Lifezette

President Donald Trump — making a tremendous commitment to the Republican candidates running across the country in a variety of races in these all-important 2018 midterm elections — holds a rally in Belgrade, Montana, today. It is his fourth appearance in the state on behalf of GOP candidates this fall.

Montana voters will get to choose between incumbent Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and his GOP challenger Matt Rosendale in just a few days — with the race remaining a toss-up.
Tester has fought hard to keep control of his seat for another six-year term as Election Day approaches.
Meanwhile, Republicans have put a lot of attention on the race in the hopes the seat will flip on November 6.


Live video from MAGA Rally on Saturday afternoon in Belgrade, Montana

From here the President heads straight to Pensacola, Florida for yet another massive rally scheduled for Saturday evening!


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