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Latinos Don’t Automatically Subscribe to the Left’s Idea of Latino Politics

In this November’s midterm elections, 32 percent of Latinos voted for Republicans, according to AP VoteCast data. The survey of more than 115,000 midterm voters — including 7,738 Latino voters — was conducted for The Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.    -Associated Press




This Reported Earlier By Tiana Lowe | Washington Examiner

Of all the demographic groups that have found themselves on the receiving end of the president’s rhetorical barbs, perhaps none have more reason to feel offended than Latinos. Trump has spoken of immigrants crossing the southern border as “rapists” and “murderers” — and deeming them all “Mexicans,” hence his insistence that Mexico pay for the Wall.

Yet despite the president’s rhetorical harshness, Latino support for the Republican Party has held constant. One-third of Latinos voted Republican in the midterm elections, a four percentage point rise from the share that voted for Trump in 2016. In an election dominated by discussion of Trump’s hostility towards illegal immigration, Hillary Clinton managed to secure less support from Latinos than former President Barack Obama got against Mitt Romney in 2012.



Latinos are not a monolith, and Democrats would be wise to realize now that demographics are not destiny. Americans are far more likely to vote with their bank accounts and personal values than they are with the color of their skin. Politicians hoping that Trump’s toxicity can permeate throughout the rest of the party will find themselves in quite the bind once they no longer have the curt commander in chief to run against.

The emerging progressive wing of the Democratic Party seems even more incompatible with Latino voters than the Republican Party under Trump…


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