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Watch: Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale vs. PBS Interviewer, ‘Shock to the System’


“What I mean is that Donald Trump speaking to the American People was a shock to the system. They had for so many years received a concentrated message that had been filtered by the media of being told what they needed to do. They were slowly being convinced that they needed to be something they weren’t. Donald Trump speaking directly to the camera said ‘this isn’t how it has to be’.  …We didn’t have to do anything but just let Mr. Trump talk directly to the camera.”
This exchange with PBS interviewer James Jacoby begins at the 4:00 minute mark but is well worth watching in its entirety.

Full interview recorded for the new PBS Frontline documentary The Facebook Dilemma.
FRONTLINE correspondent James Jacoby | Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale


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CJ December 2, 2018 at 1:48 pm

Very interesting interview. This guy seems very knowledgeable and like a great benefit to Trump’s campaign. But don’t know why he would want to give away all his trade secrets with another election still looming?

Unless of course, there’s a different strategy for 2020…

Interesting nevertheless.


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