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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before: BUILD.THE.WALL.


By Angela Box 

Because of Democrats’ callous disregard of Normal America and our wishes to secure the border, we are in week three of the partial government shutdown that’s affecting practically nobody but Democrat and Deep State bureaucrats. 

However, if you have the misfortune to watch 95% of the media, you would think the current scene in Washington D.C. is shades of Apocalypse Now meets The Walking Dead — complete with government workers launching Molotov cocktails, ongoing zombie riots, and bellowing women wearing sackcloth ripping out their hair.

The Democrats have shown — as I knew they would — exactly who they are.

This shutdown would’ve been avoided if they gave a rat’s red ass about securing the border and protecting the American people — but they don’t. 



Instead, they cater to their base of the very rich and very poor. They are catering to the richest one percent of Democrats who need that cheap labor — who want those nannies, gardeners, maids, and cooks who don’t speak English and will work under the table and on the cheap. And then, on the other hand, they are catering to the very poor, who they assume will vote Democrat once they’re allowed to vote or cheat their way into voting (which Democrats don’t care if they do anyway).

Riddle me this: why is it that a few short years ago, on the subject of illegal immigration, most Democrats sounded exactly like President Trump, and were never once called racist xenophobes by the corrupt media? Could it be Democrats quickly realized their radical base of lunatics and the permanent underclass they seek to keep them fat and happy weren’t on board with Normal America?


Recalcitrant Republicans haven’t been much better. However, reluctantly and slowly, they seem to be getting on the Trump Wall Train. President Trump is heading to the southern border this week to again see for himself the disaster that illegal immigration causes. I’m assuming he will invite Crypt Keepers Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to join him. He also addressed the American people to make his case for why the wall is imperative.

Democrats screech that border wall is immoral. That’s right: keeping out rapists, wife beaters, murderers, gang members and drunk drivers (not to mention the millions of leeches suckling off American taxpayers) is just plain evil!

They forget how well the wall separating Israel from those super peaceful Hamas Palestinians works, or how well any other physical barrier works to keep out bad hombres all around the world. According to elected and media Democrats, anyone who wants a physical barrier to stop illegal hordes from invading America is racist.

As any thinking creature who has completed kindergarten can understand, “illegal alien” is not a race or ethnicity. It is a state of individual lawlessness condoned by the most callous of politicians for the most craven of reasons.

While they are shrieking about how immoral walls are – no doubt a focus group-tested phrase – they continue to champion things they don’t consider immoral. Examples? How about violent, late term abortion up to and including birth. Or illegal aliens murdering cops. Or illegal aliens and others stealing hard-earned money from productive taxpayers.

It’s also not immoral to invent a fake Russian dossier out of whole cloth and use the media to invent and accelerate the most asinine, outrageous, destructive political witch hunt in American history because their preferred Deep State candidate lost the 2016 presidential election.

Also not immoral, according to Democrats, is recreational drug use that’s causing massive overdoses and deaths due to the influx of stronger and more deadly narcotics over our southern border.

The total redefining of science and biology? Also: not immoral. Now, gender is a choice! By God, you better agree to use 47 personal pronouns and that transgendering men can have babies or you’re just a hater who probably deserves to be fired from your job and shunned by all of society.

But, perhaps the *least immoral thing of all* is all those Democrats who have employed armed security and have erected massive walls around their properties to keep the public OUT. 




This is all a game to leftists. The Democrats, and their radical push to import as many illegal aliens as possible and then turn them out on election day, is a cynical ploy to have a permanent, majority underclass of lemmings who will vote for them.

That’s it.

Every time someone like police officer like Ronil Singh in California gets murdered by an illegal alien, or beautiful Kate Steinle walking on a San Francisco pier is shot and killed by an illegal alien, or Bob Clark, beloved director of “A Christmas Story” and his son die at the hands of an illegal alien drunk driver – not to mention the thousands of Angel Families impacted by the rapes, murders, assaults, and ruination of their loved ones and communities by illegals — you can thank a Democrat.

Thank Democrats and their insistence on catering to illegal aliens, the radical left, and refusing to follow current, exhaustive immigration laws.

With their insistence on protecting sanctuary cities and sanctuary states,Democrats have spoken loud and clear. It is not the American citizen they care about. It is the future Democrat voter.

Do not cave into these contemptuous, manipulative leftists, Mr. President.

Do. Not. Cave.

Keep the partial government shutdown in effect until we get the money for the border wall – and the pound of flesh from Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans.

If refusing to secure the border and stabbing Normal America (including LEGAL immigrants) in our backs when it comes to security, fairness, and common sense is the hill on which Democrats wish to die – let them.




Article Photo Credit: San Diego, CA. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images



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