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Texas Homeowner Shoots Four Men Killing Three In Overnight Houston Home Invasion

Houston, Texas (East End) – Shortly after midnight on Saturday police say a homeowner shot four men during a home invasion, leaving three of the suspects dead and the fourth injured. Authorities said that the homeowner defended himself when the suspects entered the home.




Reported Earlier By Mike Morris | Houston Chronicle

A homeowner shot four men who forced their way into his home about 12:45 a.m. Saturday on Sherman, Houston police say. One suspect died in front of the home. Another was shot in the leg and was found at the scene. Two other suspects fled in an SUV, but the driver collapsed a few blocks down 71st at Harrisburg, where he crashed into a pole. He died there. The fourth male fled on foot, but collapsed at Capitol and 71st. He later died at a hospital.

Police said the homeowner was not hurt.
Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller said police believe all those involved in the incident are accounted for.




Photo Credit | Houston Chronicle

Video Credit | ABC 13




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