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Black History Month – Why Keep Voting For Democrats?


Red Pilled America | Black History Month


“And then the more that they continued to play that story Roots, over and over and over, and more stories like that, what it did it kept you stuck in the pain of your ancestors. You begin to believe that that’s you. And that’s happening to me and my people right now, even though you’ve never picked cotton a day of your life. Even though you was never a slave under any slave master a day in your life. And that’s being implemented into the new generation that they feel like, oh I’m so in pain, I’ve been whipped with many strikes and the white man is the one that’s out to get me. That’s taught mentality.”      -Silk (Diamond & Silk)


“This victim narrative is taught by the Democrats and their allies for one simple reason…power. It’s translated into Democrats dominating the so-called Black Vote. For the presidential elections from 1984 to 2016, for over thirty years, Black Americans who either voted for the Democrat or Republican candidate – voted from 88% to 96% in favor of the Democrat presidential candidate.”      -Patrick Courrielche


“Why do Blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats? To find the answer, we’ll hear the stories of Candace Owens and Diamond & Silk, some of the most compelling new voices in America. We’ll also hear from Civil Right icon Alveda King, as she recounts a pivotal moment in her uncle MLK Jr’s life.”
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