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The Left Can’t Meme, So They Will Try To Ban Them Instead – Video


“This whole crusade against memes is just another attempt by the establishment left to de-platform and silence it’s political adversaries. When we say ‘the left can’t meme’… that’s not some over used cliché, it’s science bitches.”
“Ask yourself, is it worthwhile for the left to engage in meme warfare or is it far easier just to ban memes?”      -Paul Joseph Watson


1. Why is the EU trying to ram through it’s meme killing Article 13 legislation?
2. Why is Facebook simultaneously developing algorithms that will detect and delete ‘offensive memes’?
3. Why did Twitter launch a purge of thousands of accounts that adopted the NPC meme?



“If you can’t censor them for what they say, censor them for what they meme.”





Video Source: Paul Joseph Watson



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